Who visited my website in 2018?

Year 2018 is a past. I hope it was a good time for you, your family and friends. End of the old one and beginning of new year is always a good time for the summarizing the past and planning the future.

As a part of 2018 analysis, I did a review of statistics from Google Analytics for my website, and results were really surprising for me. I hope that those numbers may help you in planning your strategy and writing content for your website.


I’m aware, that I’m not a frequent blogger. I also don’t put any effort in increasing position in Google index or other web search engines. That’s why I was so surprised, when I realized, that I had 3 861 visitors during the year. It means more than 10 people per day visiting my personal website.

The average visitor spent around 1,5 minute on my website. I can’t judge if it’s long or not. I think it’s just ok for me.

Another interesting thing is, that 1/4th of visitors were returning here again – thank you!

Top 5 of the countries is not so interesting – Poland (of course!), France, United States, Germany and Canada. But when we look at the cities:

It looks, that I had more visitors from Paris than from the biggest city nearby – Katowice.

In the ranking of browsers, Chrome is the winner without any doubts (63,73%), second place for Firefox (19,66%) and third for Safari (4,96%).

Similar situation is for operating systems – Windows is the alone leader with 72,76%, next one is Android (14,03%), then Linux and iOS with around 4% each.

In the mobile world, Android was a big winner (76,41%) against iOS (22,31%) with Windows having 1,07%.

The biggest service provider is UPC (in general) and Playonline for mobile.

The thing which may be interested for everyone who designs apps and websites, is that the most popular mobile resolution is 360×640:


Even if I’m not writing new posts very often, visitor still finds my page using organic search:

My page appears in Google search console in 131 countries (!) of course in most of those cases without any interactions and conversions. It’s just the interesting fact and the symbol of power of the internet world.

In Poland the page has average 11th position, which I see as a good result.

The most interesting are of course Queries. Unfortunately, Analytics says that ‘Other’ was there in 59,64 clicks from search results. For the rest, the most popular queries were related to:

  • use cases
  • software testing
  • status reporting in Excel file


Those search queries (as above) can lead to only one results in the behavior:

So, in 2018 the most popular article was about writing effective use cases (in Polish), then one about software testing in general (in Polish too).

The average time spent on those pages is really impressing:


That’s it. I hope to see you again on my page.

Have a great 2019!

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